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Red light district, near Central Station

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Huib van Wersch
This month we host an exhibit by photographer Huib van Wersch
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Huib van Wersch

Light Variations

One reason why we immediately can distinguish a painting from a photograph, even from far, has to do with the direction of light. In a painting, slight variations are unavoidable, but also large differences can cause beautiful effects. Creating a painting takes a lot of time and the sun moves constantly. A photograph however, is mostly made in a plit second. To create small changes in the direction of light in my pictures became my new challenge. I call my technique ‘Bi Directional Light’ See more @ www.fotootjes.nl/studio

Studio Huib van Wersch - Amsteldijk 42 hs - 1074 HV Amsterdam - cell: +31-6-3868975

As a son of a photographer, Huib van Wersch (1960) worked his way through many different diciplines in editorial photography, always interested in new ways of approaching the ways to capture an image. In the 90’s, he swapped conventionla studio-photography with a dynamic way to make portraits, using only daylight. Because we all know that daylight-photography has become complete standard in these days, his ‘BDL-technique’ unveils new ways for him to create photographic images.


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Oudezijds Achterburgwal 80a
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Red light district, near Central Station

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